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Kindle at Last!

I’m pleased to report that my editors at Manchester University Press have–after much persistence–come through. The mysterious and perplexing glitch that’s been delaying the ebook publication of THE FANTASY FICTION FORMULA is now “un-glitched.” TFFF is finally available on Kindle. Woo-hoo!

Some of you have been waiting quite a while for the ebook version. I’m sorry about the long delay, and thank you for your patience.

Sometimes there are gremlins in the house, but at last they seem to have gone away.

The Fantasy Fiction Formula Final

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Podcast is Live


This is to announce that the first podcast interview with me from Manchester University Press is now live on their Website.


There will be six in the series.

Happy listening!


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Kindle Version Coming

For those of you who have been wondering if THE FANTASY FICTION FORMULA will be available in a Kindle version as well as print, the answer is … YES.

It’s in process, and should be live very soon, perhaps next week.


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Count Down …

Having a book come out is always exciting and a day to celebrate, but it’s been a while since a real, tangible, printed-on-paper version of my work landed on my doorstep in a box. I peeled off the tape and pulled out the packing, and behold, there it was. My author’s copy of THE FANTASY FICTION FORMULA–a long time in the making–all shined up and ready to launch.

February 1 is its street date. I’m told by a friend that Amazon at least will be shipping on February 3. Big breath. That’s when we’ll see if the anticipation has been justified, if all you wonderful supportive purchasers will get your money’s worth.

Meanwhile, I’m emotionally pacing the floor like a mommy watching her five-year-old ballerina run onto the stage for that first dance recital.

Fingers crossed.

We’ll see.

The Fantasy Fiction Formula Final


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Progress is inching forward on the fantasy writing guide. It is now available for preorder on amazon.com.


Today I also received a catalog from Manchester University Press, announcing its new titles for Autumn/Winter 2015-2016, and THE FANTASY FICTION FORMULA is featured on page 2.

Exciting stuff that I had to share.


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