It’s Alive!

As promised in my previous post, here’s the Amazon link to my latest novel, A MAN OF HONOR.

I’m using the pseudonym of Lewis Kern for my westerns in homage to my grandfather and father, both of whom enjoyed a good story set in the old West.

My grandfather was a cattleman. As a child, he moved to New Mexico the year it became a state. He played teenage pranks during Prohibition, attended military school, and watched General Pershing’s troops pursue Pancho Villa into Mexico prior to the United States entering WWI. My grandfather worked as a cowboy, caught wild horses out of the mountains and broke them to sell to earn extra money to support his family, owned a gas station during the Great Depression when so many people were migrating to California, served as a deputy sheriff, and ranched cattle. He registered a cattle brand for me–one I still have–and gave me a heifer to start my own herd. He did the same for each of his grandchildren. I spent my childhood summers on his ranch, learning how to drive cattle, help with branding, build and repair fences, and watch the skies for thunderheads during the vital months of July through September for those all-important annual eleven inches of rain that could make or break any chance of growing sufficient winter feed in the pastures. Such experiences made an indelible impression on me. I don’t claim to be an expert on the desert, guns, and history, but I feel westerns are an important part of American mythology. The genre itself, so tiny in the giant publishing industry, shouldn’t be marginalized or lost. So, as I carve out spare bits of time, I like to add my tales to the offerings that are out there.

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