Book Update

My book on revision is coming along. I’ve written all the chapters. Now I’m trying to decide whether to add a few frills. I’m also asking myself if I’ve included enough, if I need to supplement with any additional information, and if I’m ready to edit.

Nonfiction is such a different writing experience than fiction. With the latter, you know when you’ve sewn up the story. With nonfiction, there can always be another chapter, another paragraph, another point. Someone text-messaged me the other night, and the small but important piece of wisdom I was about to insert into a block of text flew right out of my head. I’ve yet to recall it, and I have a strong suspicion it might be gone forever–or at least until I upload and the book goes live.

Anyway, this is mainly to let you know that my blog posts may be a bit sporadic as I try to polish the book and get it done. I’m not disappearing on you again. I’ve just got my head primarily wrapped around this project at the moment.

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  1. If you need a beta reader, feel free to reach out. I’m becoming quite good at reading and providing feedback. 🙂

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