Just an update on the forthcoming books. I have finished preliminary edits on both my new book on plotting and its companion workbook of drills and exercises. I have both manuscripts in for another round of proofreading, and then I’ll be busy with cover design and other marketing details.

Although these projects have gone more slowly than expected, I hope to have them available within the next few weeks.


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  1. Shared to FB, because I care or whatever it is the young people say these day’s.

  2. If you need a beta reader for these, or any other project, I’m available to you. Reading your posts is almost like those afternoons in Foster’s office so long ago, one on one with him, gong over my attempts at plotting before I had ever lived enough to create characters in whom I could believe!

    • What a kind offer! I appreciate it very much and will keep your offer in mind. And thanks for the compliment of comparing my posts to a session with Foster. Wow. That means a lot.


  3. Dan

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to these.

  4. Garrett King

    Any chance of a worksheet for building a magic system? There are some snippets about creating a system in Fantasy Fiction Formula but more details are always helpful. Can not WAIT to dive into your next books.

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