Podcast 6

Things eventually come to an end. I have enjoyed my first foray into this high-tech type of interview, and I hope those of you who have listened have gained some insight into the process of writing. This final podcast about THE FANTASY FICTION FORMULA offers a few tips about revision and critical feedback. Enjoy!


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2 responses to “Podcast 6

  1. I’ve enjoyed listening to you on these short podcasts and you nailed my position as a writer succinctly in this episode: I’m not enjoying reading as much as I use to, so I have to find my way back from the critical writer phase I’m in. Hopefully, Amazon has said, a copy of your book will be arriving today and I’m looking forward to reading it.

    • One way to find enjoyment in reading again is to seek new authors. We can fall out of love with old favorites as our understanding of writing structure grows. Eventually you may be able to return to some of them without being critical. But some will be forever gone. In that case, just enjoy the memories of how much you loved them long ago.
      However, finding new authors you admire can be a challenge, as many make you wonder how they ever got published, let alone became popular.

      Good luck, and thanks for ordering the book!

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