Publication Announcement

If any of you have read my fantasy trilogy, THE SWORD, THE RING, and THE CHALICE, then you might be interested to know that in December 2015 I published a new novelette called THE KING’S LADY on Amazon Kindle. It deals with the first week of Dain’s reign as King of Nether, where he’s struggling to find his feet and meet the challenges facing his realm. Dain has a lot to learn in these early days, and he’s just getting started.

The King's Lady cover

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to fill some of these “gaps” in the Nether storyline. As time permits, I plan to add more stories, including a continuation from where I stopped with THE KING IMPERILED. It was never my intention to stop there or leave readers hanging with unanswered questions. Now that I am no longer dependent on Ace Books to bring out this series, I look forward to doing more with it when my contractual obligations allow.

As for the Mandrian series with Queen Pheresa, her story was intended originally to run parallel to Dain’s, but the time lines grew apart. I have several twists and turns still in store for her.

Meanwhile, give THE KING’S LADY  a look, and see what you think.



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  1. On a related note, Amazon updated the ship date for The Fantasy Fiction Formula. I’m supposed to receive it on Feb 3rd.:)

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