Updates and Announcements

THE FANTASY FICTION FORMULA is still in production and almost ready for the next phase of wending its way to publication. I will be receiving page proofs mid-July, which means yet more proofreading. Ack! This seems to be the year of proofing, with thirteen of my backlist titles published digitally in February and number 14 just up on Kindle. FFF will be the 15th book I’m combing through for mistakes since January. Who knew the new eyes were going to get such a thorough workout?

As for my declaration of reading 100 novels during the summer, I have to admit I’ve spent more time at my computer trying to write a novel than planted in my armchair reading them. Still, I make no excuses. I can report only seventeen read thus far. I find this disappointing; however, the summer isn’t over yet so I will not yet surrender my goal.

(Am I allowed to count the ones I’m proofing? Nope! Am I allowed to count magazines? Nope! Am I allowed to count owners’ manuals for techie toys? Nope!)

Currently I’m reading an autobiographical account of an American woman who was a Japanese prisoner of war in Borneo during World War II. Entitled THREE CAME HOME, technically it’s not a novel, but I will count it anyway. A movie was made from it, starring Claudette Colbert. This is not a quick read, but who cares? The point is to fill the well.

Harlan Coben is up next.

What are each of you reading this summer?


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2 responses to “Updates and Announcements

  1. I’m finishing up The Hollows series from Kim Harrison and then onto Playing St. Barbara, a novel about two generations of women in the Pennsylvania coal mine towns between the first and second world wars.

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