Happy 4th!

On this festive day, let’s remember what freedom is, what it means to each of us, and the price American men, women, and children have paid for it. As writers, we possess the liberty to express ourselves without government censorship, coercion, or reprisal. But each of us is responsible for understanding what freedom means and our individual responsibility in maintaining it. Beware of social censorship, social coercion to conform to the agenda of the moment, and social reprisals when or if you write against fashionable trends. Whether you are conservative, moderate, or liberal, you have the right to your opinions, your feelings, and your words. And if we disagree, let us strive to be civil to each other. Let us be united in our love of our country and our pride in what she stands for.

liberty bell

A heartfelt THANK YOU! to our veterans.

liberty urn

A GOD BLESS AND PROTECT YOU to our military forces serving now.

liberty dog

Happy Birthday, America!

flag banner

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