Read and Unread

Just as a quick update about my declared intention of reading 100 books this summer, the organizational idea of stacking the tomes in a tub isn’t going to work. I can’t find a tub or basket large enough, and even if I could I don’t want the behemoth taking up that much real estate in my living room.

So far, I’ve managed to fill a box and two smallish tubs, which are now stacked atop each other, and that represents a gathering of less than twenty volumes. As I set about pulling titles off a bookshelf the other day, it occurred to me that it was foolish to shift books around this way.

So, although I’m not fond of clerical work, I suppose I’ll just have to write the titles down on a list as I finish them. Now, record-keeping ranks right up there on my yuck list along with accounting, checkbook balancing, diary entries, and filing bills, but I can’t think of any other way to avoid fudging on my resolution.

Meanwhile, I’ve already gone through three good novels — stories by Brandon Sanderson, Marta Perry, and Emma Newman — and enjoyed them very much. I’m working on Holly Black at the moment.

And like the cottontail bunny currently living in the briar patch that’s overtaken the northeast corner of my backyard, I’m happy, happy, happy!


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2 responses to “Read and Unread

  1. I dedicate one shelf to the books I want to read next. It was difficult to clear the shelf, but worth it. They are right at eye-level. I add books as the line-up thins. This setup has made me a happy reader.
    I’m amazed at anyone who can read 100 books in two months! Go Deborah!

    • That’s a wonderful system. I bring home books, then get sidetracked, then they become scattered all over the house, misplaced or forgotten. I’ll have to schedule more time for reading if I’m to achieve my goal. Only six books read so far.

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