In my last post, I ranted about plotting styles and compared the film THE TEN COMMANDMENTS to WOLF HALL, which is currently airing on my local PBS station.

I wasn’t complimentary to WOLF HALL so to be fair, I decided to give it another chance — a real chance. On Easter, I had watched it piecemeal during commercial breaks in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. So last weekend I watched the second episode of WOLF HALL in its entirety without interruption.

Alas, my opinion of it has not changed a jot. Modern minimal plot structure may be the current trend, folks, but it just ain’t for me.

I want rich, robust story with people in conflict.

Given that Henry VIII’s struggle to uproot an entire religious system in order to impose his personal will on his realm, his court, and his church is permeated with conflict and the characters involved are tested to the utmost by their clashing political situation, conscience, and moral principles — how can a writer justify squelching all of that juicy, dynamic drama into this bland, boring, low-key mumble of a production?

If you happen to love WOLF HALL, good for you. The costumes are great.

Otherwise, I will seek story elsewhere.

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