When Sparks Connect

In my last post, I discussed how I’m becoming magnetized to stories about waifs and war orphans. All summer I’ve been encountering them and mulling them over without any kind of forced attention.

I’ve plenty to do on the writing front, and although it’s time to start cooking up a new proposal to submit to publishers, I haven’t begun pushing my muse to give me material.

But has my muse perhaps begun to push me?

Over the weekend, an old plot scenario floated up to the surface of my mind. I’d written a manuscript about it years ago, but it was too grim and edgy to catch publisher interest at the time. In that version, I focused on the mother of a little boy as my central character.

Now, the connections are linking up. I want to use that old plot, but shift it around. My focus is going to be the child instead of the mother. An orphaned child. A waif.

Inspiration has come. My synapses are firing. I feel growing excitement over this project. (That’s a good sign.) I’ll give it a bit more time and see if my “muse magnet” attracts any more information, then I’ll start outlining a plot.

Who’s going to be the protagonist? The waif or a more streetwise boy?

Who’s going to be the antagonist? Right now, I don’t have that character, but I do know that formless, faceless Authority won’t cut it.

What’s the objective? No clue.

What’s the story question? Not yet determined.

How many other characters do I need? I have two secondary figures starting to take dim shape in my mind. The rest are but shadows.

How will it end? Not yet determined.

The questions are a test of sorts. I’ll see whether any answers come along. If the idea’s viable, the answers will come and the story will grow. If the idea’s not viable the whole thing will fade.

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