Bored with the ‘Board

Ever sit down at the computer keyboard with no enthusiasm for your writing session?

Ever start up the computer while you feel absolutely blank about what you’re going to write today?

Ever catch yourself falling asleep or getting drowsy while you’re typing?

When you read back over a sentence you’ve just typed, does it fail to make sense?

Oops. The boredom factor is at work.

If you’re bored, unprepared, blank, tired, sleepy, or otherwise disconnected from your story, how do you think the writing is going to go?



1) Ask yourself why you are no longer interested in your characters.

2) Ask yourself what should be happening in the story but isn’t.

3) Ask yourself if you should replot your scene-in-progress, and maybe throw in some unpredictability, plot twists, heightened conflict, or story complications to liven it up.

4) Ask yourself why you aren’t thinking about your story before you sit down for your writing time. Is there a lot on your mind? Are you distracted by other matters? If so, clear them away.

5) Ask yourself why you don’t feel the zing that a good, solid, creative session should generate.

Put the answers in your journal. Be honest.

This old machine dates back to the 1920s.

Maybe you’ve made a plotting mistake, and your story sense is trying to put on the brakes before you write too many words that have to be thrown out.

Maybe you’re writing this story for all the wrong reasons, and your head is engaged but not your heart. Like all such relationships, this one is headed for disaster. How can you get the love back? Or should you hit “delete” and walk away?

Maybe you’re sleep deprived and kidding yourself that you can handle it. I can’t give you the title or date, but a study was conducted a few years ago that showed sleep deprivation as a cause of diminishing creativity.

For whatever reason, consider this state a warning sign to be heeded. Ignore it at the risk of imperiling your story. Even if you’re one of those stubborn types determined to persist at pounding out your daily quota pages without rectifying the problem, you’re likely to produce work that will read as shoddy, repetitive, bland, blah, and unimaginative. In other words: meh.

Our writing mirrors us emotionally. If we’re bored at the keyboard, readers are going to be snoring even more than we are.

Take care.

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