Rekindle the Passion

Which book first gave you the notion of writing your own stories?  

How long has it been since you read it?

Don’t you think it’s time you opened those pages again, and jumped inside?

For me, the Tome of Supreme Inspiration was THE THREE MUSKETEERS by Dumas.  I was nine years old.  It was the first “grownup” book I’d attempted to read.  It took me a week to get through it.  And the story and characters absolutely blew me away.  I fell in love with Athos and swooned over the romantic tragedy of his doomed relationship with Milady.  The machinations of the evil Richelieu . . . the race to recover the queen’s diamonds . . . what a story!

When I finished, I simply couldn’t go back to children’s books.  And I started what’s been a lifetime’s project of putting words of my own on the page.

When was the last time I read THE THREE MUSKETEERS?  I can’t recall, but it’s been too long.

I think, all these years later, it’s time to revisit the story with an adult’s perceptions and see if Monsieur Dumas can rekindle the flame once more.

Listen!  The carriage-and-four is at the gate.  The footman folds up the steps and closes the door.  The coachman cracks his whip.  And I’m off to my rendezvous with the court of Versailles and the lantern-lit streets of old Paris.



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2 responses to “Rekindle the Passion

  1. For me, it wasn’t a particular book, rather it was the realization that people, even people not too much different than me, wrote them. …and if they could, so could I.
    It was a realization that changed me completely. It gave me the idea that what any person could do, I could do with work.

    • Deb

      You know, that’s a fabulous realization to come to. I think too often we can get trapped in some misconception that writers are special folks “out there,” doing what no one else can.

      Instead, if we’re drawn to words and if–as you say–we’re willing to work hard, we can reach our dreams, too.

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