Seen a Good Movie Lately?

One of my favorite ways to replenish my creative well is by watching films that move my emotions deeply.

That doesn’t mean I always want a tear-jerker.  Sometimes I’d rather laugh or I prefer to tense up through a thriller.  Sometimes I want to languish in a gorgeous setting.  Or I may simply enjoy the sheer brilliance of the writing or a fine acting performance.

We all have our lists of favorite films, movies we can watch over and over.  Have you viewed any of them recently?  If not, perhaps it’s time to revisit those stories and characters.

There are times and reasons when we should analyze why a particular movie touches our hearts.  This is not one of them.  Instead, simply let the motion picture lift you into another time and place.  Rewatch the film as long as it continues to move you.  Later, you can search out why.

I happen to adore old movies, especially the black-and-white ones made in the 1930s and ’40s.  My imagination is engaged more when the film’s not in color, and the sets and writing are very much to my personal taste.  You, however, may prefer to focus more on recent movies, such as THE KING’S SPEECH or the newest PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN offering.  It doesn’t matter.  Just be sure that you’re not confining yourself to movies that offer frenetic movement instead of plotted conflict, or special effects instead of a developed story arc.  Such lightweight films have their place, of course.  They may entertain us, but they don’t necessarily feed the muse.

Learn how to tell the difference.  Then give your imagination a really good meal.


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4 responses to “Seen a Good Movie Lately?

  1. timelessmoviemagic

    The 1940s was the classic era for film making.Gilda,Laura(my two personal favourites) and The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca.The list could go on forever. I try to take time out to watch an old 40s movie every week,difficult sometimes in this fast paced world.

    • You are so right. I love ’40s films. Love ’em! GILDA is soooo good, as are the others you mentioned. Have you ever seen THE GLASS KEY? Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake … great stuff!

      Thanks for stopping by to share,

      • timelessmoviemagic

        No i haven’t. Is it any good? My,Veronica Lake was a beauty,i think i have only ever seen one of her films though and that was The Blue Dahlia which also starred Alan Ladd. A really good film Noir.
        All the best

      • Yes, it’s terrific. My favorite Alan Ladd/Veronica Lake films are THE GLASS KEY and THIS GUN FOR HIRE, which is the film that put Alan Ladd on the path to stardom. THE BLUE DAHLIA is a good film, but I like the other two better.

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