A Rose Reborn …

Earlier this summer I watched in dismay as bagworms stripped my Pinata roses to skeletons.  I got someone to spray — no luck; wrong time of year.  I picked worms by hand — no luck; the infestation was too severe.  These had been such gorgeous bushes.  I mourned them, certain they could not survive.

Yet they have.  Look!

Although this bloom is gold, the climbing rosebush Pinata will also bloom in shades of red and coral.

Presently this is the larger of the pair. She didn't undergo as much damage and pruning.

The fall flush is coming on.  And despite this brutal summer of high heat, humidity, and pests, Pinata has hung in there.  I guess there’s a life lesson in there, right?

This bush suffered the worst devastation, yet is happy now.

I just had to share.

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