Move Accomplished

Despite the brutal heat exceeding 100 degrees every day, I am finally moved into the new house.  It’s been sort of like emptying Dr. Who’s Tardis (the time machine that looks very small on the outside but is vast on the inside).  Who knew my small cottage had so much stuff in it?  Now, although the new house is larger, it’s filled to the brim with boxes and furniture swathed in plastic wrap.  I walk about through narrow trails, ignoring the mess and pretending I’m on a great adventure.

Most people who are moving make sure they can put their bed together upon arrival in the new place.  Others concentrate on setting up the kitchen as quickly as possible. 

Being a writer with a revision deadline looming large, I headed for my office to set up the writing computer ASAP.  First crisis:  no box of computer cables.  Here I’ve eeled my way beneath the computer desk to plug in innumerable cords and make sure the battery backup system is up and running, and there’s no power cord.  I panicked and tore the office apart to no avail.  Off I shot to Best Buy to purchase a replacement power cord.  Easy!  Except I hadn’t realized that the mouse was also missing.

Finally, after a great deal of stewing and heaving very heavy boxes around, I did locate the missing box.  It was clearly labeled “Computer Cables,” but only on one side, the side turned toward the wall.  The movers had intelligently placed this box beneath the computer desk, but then someone had wedged another box on top of it.  Somehow, that rendered it invisible.

Such are the adventures of moving, and although I could say, “Never move in the middle of a book project,” life doesn’t always stay in neat compartments.

As for the kitchen — not yet operational.  Who cares?  The dogs are settling in.  The air conditioning is working.  The book is coming along.  I am content.

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