Authorial Bliss

I am happy today.  After several frustrating weeks of being held back from revisions on my book, I commenced this morning.  Forty-five minutes of bliss in the quiet space of my office, back once more in my little story world of Fae folk, goblins, and intrepid children on big adventures.

The revision notes from my editor came early this month, but I have been too harried by the demands of my day-job to get back to writing.  Still, even the most disruptive periods end.  A small window of time has opened before me, and I must guard it now like a dog snarling over his bone.

I am appreciative of my editor’s care and attention; I’m grateful to have a steady editorial hand behind me, guiding me through this next phase of manuscript preparation.

There is much cutting to do.  I always have to cut my manuscripts because I’m long-winded and think of b-i-g worlds.  Cutting doesn’t intimidate me.

There is much thinking to do.  I need to incorporate more magic in the story.  Check.  I also need to flesh out my viewpoint character a bit more.  (Ah yes, the old writer’s conundrum of cut the book but develop the characters.  Sooner or later we all come to that one.)

Although I expect to pull my hair from time to time as I proceed through the revision work, I am happy now.  Because the longer I am away from writing, the more starved for the creative process I become.  I grow lost and anxious.  I grow cranky.  The problems of life and job crowd around me until I am half-blind and staggering like someone trapped between dimensions of time and space.

Still, today I sat down in my office and everything receded except my characters and their story.  That is contentment.

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  1. Michael D'Ovidio

    Dear Deborah,

    I think that there may be a conflict between our email providers. Here are my questions regarding The Alien Chronicles: Why was there never an audio installment of The Crystal Eye? If it is a monetary issue, then how much does something like that cost? I noticed on your website that there is an unavailable link that advertises to visit the worlds in your books. Will The Alien Chronicles be included, and will it offer more than just the four pieces of artwork provided by the books. The covers really caught my eye when I was younger, and I’d sorely love to see what the other races and planets look like. Also, when will this link be available? I am a huge fan, thank you for your time.

    Michael D’Ovidio

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