In January of this year, I completed and submitted the first book in my new YA fantasy series, THE FAELIN CHRONICLES.  I’ve been awaiting my new editor’s response with a combination of excitement and nervousness.  Generally, the best thing to do when a writer is waiting for a verdict is to keep writing.  For one thing, it gets you well along toward the next deadline.  For another, it’s a distraction.

So it’s time to get started on the second book in the series.  I’ve rested enough.  My imagination is stirring.  I feel that creative itch, that craving to plant my backside in my titanium-gray desk chair and produce pages.

Of course, beginning a new manuscript isn’t quite as simple as sitting down and typing.  I have a lot of development and thinking to do.  I’ll have to go back through my story outline and reacquaint myself with continuing characters while I create new ones.  There’s a world to be built because my twin protagonists, Diello and Cynthe, are going on a journey to a new land – the magical land of the Fae – that’s very different from the one they’ve known before.  There’s magic to be designed and scenes to be planned. Plotting this second story offers the challenge of beginning right where story #1 left off.  That means I need to achieve a consistent flow in tone and pacing from one book to the next.  At least the ending is worked out; I don’t have to worry about that because I think I’ve got a corker of a hook.  It’s the middle that’s rather vague at the moment.  Still, just the prospect of digging into all the preparation is firing up my imagination.  I am going to have fun.


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5 responses to “STARTING A NEW BOOK

  1. Oh, darling, I am so happy to read the wisdom you have written that I am near tears! You give us all a great gift–the same gift that you attribute to Bradbury, which is to fire us up for writing, for living, so that the world does not destroy our hopes and dreams. (I admire Ray Bradbury, too!)

    Thank you for being an illustration of honesty. I have a really hard time revealing myself about writing.


  2. Congrats on your new blog. You’re doing great! Keep up the fine work my writer friend.~~Dee

  3. Well? I’m waiting for another post.

  4. Ben

    Hey! Good work on your blog–really. I know it seems like dropping a rock in a well, but I really think it all counts. And your blog is a good one.

    If you put this on Facebook, you could link to this, but also post it there in “notes” for people to read. One more channel~

    In any case, I thought I’d drop in and check on you and say hello.

    Ben Fenwick

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